Marketing Consultancy

GlobalWise provides marketing consultancy services to global and local companies in various areas:

• Product/System Analysis

GlobalWise offers professional product/system analysis, addressing specifications, international standards, competitive products and more. The analysis will be based on our great expertise and vast experience in the field.

• Market Analysis

– Analysis of the market relevant to the company’s product
– Assessment of market-product match
– Exploration of additional, potential markets
– Search for opportunities and niches
– Chance and risk assessment in existing and potential markets.

• Preparation of Marketing Presentations

One of GlobalWise’s areas of expertise is the compilation of high-standard presentations for the management, directorate, company team, customers and suppliers.

• Excel – Construction of Business Models

Constructing business tables, forecasts, business plans, sales analyses, business analyses and more.

• Marketing Plans

Outlining proper business plans, including all the necessary components, e.g. current status analysis, market/product analysis, P&L forecasts with different scenarios, financing, sensitivity analysis, budgeting, action plan report and more.