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Sample References

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is the second largest and one of the most progressive full-service healthcare treatment and research institutions in Israel.  As a premier multidisciplinary academic medical center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center serves the general Tel Aviv population of over 360,000 plus the million or so daily visitors to the city. 


Having  an ongoing relationship with this institution for more than 2 years now. Globalwise conducted various projects, including:

  • Market studies for departments, labs and for medical devices developed in the center. These studies included market size estimates, market trends, breakdowns into segments, customer types and geography, study of the competition and more.
  • Building business and market strategy for various departments, including vision, differentiation, SWOT, market definitions and priorities, business model, positioning, revenue targets, marketing platforms, operation principles, time frames and more.
  • Business plans, marketing plans, revenue forecasts, revenue simulators, revenue distribution, sensitivity analysis, human resource plans, infrastructure, time schedule and more.
  • General consulting and coaching.

ICS Security is providing a full-scale multi-layered cyber security solution for industrial control systems, aimed at protecting critical infrastructure utilities, such as energy, gas, water, transportation and indispensable industrial plants.

The ICS complete solution consists of several security layers, each one further minimizing the risk of malicious malware, through diodes, firewalls, disinfection systems and more.

GlobalWise has provided ICS Security with a full roadmap, including market research, business vision, company strategy and a detailed business plan. This roadmap helps the company in growing and in becoming a significant player in the market of cyber security.
According to Shimon Zigdon, CEO:
Working with GlobalWise helped us to pinpoint the positioning of our Company in this boiling Market of Industrial Control Systems Security, their extensive experience in the field of Control Systems and the Market environment contributed a lot, their professional output was focusing, and efficient.


Founded in 1986 by Ran Liver, Liranco Foreign Trade Ltd.  imports and distributes industrial process equipment and spare parts, mainly for the Mineral, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, Electrical and Communication industries, representing manufacturers from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States.

It also provides communications solutions, technical support and training. 

GlobalWise is providing Liranco with a complete company road-map, including three phases:

I. Company Strategy
In a recent interview held by Globalwise with Mr. Ran Liver, owner and general manager of Liranco, he confided that Globalwise helped them in formulating the new vision and strategy (based on an objective analysis of past performance and future trends), resulting now in a crystal-clear definition of activity and market priorities.
II. Business Plan
With help of Globalwise, Liranco is now implementing the business plan intended to reach the company objectives. Mr. Liver said: ‘We are now implementing the structural changes in sales, sales support and engineering, and in the interfaces among them. We strongly believe in the Plan and identify ourselves with its objectives, and are checking ourselves on a daily basis.”
III. Marketing Plan
To the question posed by Globalwise, Mr. Liver replied: “The topics that are already implemented are the changes in priorities and focus, and the improvement of marketing communications, namely the upgrade of the corporate web site, LinkedIn presence and other similar activities”.


    SmartLogic designs, implements and validates automation projects, mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.

SmartLogic has developed methods that enable quick and efficient integration of new projects and the old factory systems.

SmartLogic possesses unique expertise in modular automation and control, using standards such as ISA S-88.
The company has also the expertise of validation to meet with the most demanding requirements of the FDA CFR Part 11.

GlobalWise is providing Smart-Logic with marketing and sales support in order to increase sales and domestic market presence, and to establish an international market foothold. The work is based on the Five Step Plan methodology, started with company and market study, followed by strategy forming, business and marketing plan and actual marketing and sales.

  Shaniv Control and Automation is a private company operating as a system integrator for industrial control and automation projects, with expertise in integration and commissioning of complex projects. The projects include full integration of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), SCADA/HMI, Operator Panels, Product Pick-and-Place, Handling and more.
The company is active in various manufacturing industries such as plastic, steel, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals and fertilizers and more.
Shaniv has a subsidiary in Bucharest, Romania, providing solutions to the local and European markets while cooperating with the parent company.
GlobalWise provided Shaniv with a full roadmap, including market research, business vision and strategy, business plan and marketing plan. GlobalWise is providing to Shaniv on-going consultancy and monitoring.

Ocean Data Systems is a privately held corporation developing software solutions for the industrial and enterprise market. Founded in 2003, the company focuses on turning field data into valuable information. With more than 20 years experiences in both Industrial and Enterprise applications, ODS management team wants to provide unique and friendly solutions combining both layers. ODS flagship software is Dream Report™, an intuitive and easy to use reporting tool for industrial automation. Dream Report™ generates and distributes proactively reports to anyone but can also aggregate clean and accurate data from multiple heterogeneous data sources.
GlobalWise is providing Ocean Data Systems with marketing and sales support in order to increase sales and expand activities to new branches and geographical regions and find new strategic partners.
The work is based on the Five Step Plan methodology, starting with product and market study followed by strategy forming, business plan and actual sales.